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Match Funding

Our Advice

This introduction is to advise not to borrow long-term and cover in short-term funding. In other words, companies need to Match Fund, where short-term projects and assets are financed with short-term funding, and long-term assets and projects are financed by long-term funding.

Those companies that in the past have not abided by this simple rule have found that their cash flow has been severely dented by the increase in cost of borrowings, which in some cases has led to bankruptcy. Thus, companies should always look at the life-span or end date of their projects and assets and Match Finance accordingly, thus significantly reducing their funding costs.

Companies that require short, medium, or long-term funding, one to two years, three to seven years and seven years upwards respectively, should contact IntaCapital Swiss, who will provide financial tailor-made solutions for each and every financial requirement.

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