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About Intacapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantees

About Intacapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantees

The on- going credit crunch is affecting companies across the globe. IntaCapital Swiss, (See about IntaCapital Swiss), and their dedicated team with their expert knowledge of global financial markets have created a product that has alleviated credit problems for companies across the continental divides. The Collateral Transfer or C/T Facility, using Demand Bank Guarantees, (See What Is a Bank Guarantee), has given companies suffering from credit deprivation unique access to loans and lines of credit, often alluded to as Credit Guarantee Facilities, (See More Information).

The global banking system plays an important role within the C/T Facility as they are used to issue, transfer and receive Bank Guarantees. The banks are referred to as The Issuing Bank and The Correspondent Bank, who issue and transfer Bank Guarantees, and The Receiving Bank who receives Bank Guarantees on behalf of the Beneficiary, (See What Is a Bank Guarantee).

The Bank Guarantee for years was looked upon as an excellent form of security, but with harsher credit and compliance regulations, the Beneficiary is finding it harder and harder to get their bankers to approve credit applications using the Bank Guarantee as collateral. The reasons are many and varied, but the ones that stick out are, a weak relationship between the bank and the Beneficiary, credit and compliance regulations as mentioned above, small turnover on the Beneficiary’s account and the credit rating of the Issuing Bank, (See What Is a Leased Bank Guarantee). Banks across the globe are also turning down the Beneficiary’s applications to receive a Bank Guarantee on their account.

Answering the calls of companies desperate to access loans and lines of credit, IntaCapital Swiss has produced a Banking Product which when utilised in conjunction with the Collateral Transfer Facility, allows clients not only the use of new banking facilities but allows clients to obtain Credit Guarantee Facilities as outlined below,

  1. Obtain Corporate Banking Accounts with an Investment Grade bank.
  2. The use of Electronic Safe Custody Facilities as storage for Bank Guarantees
  3. Raise new loans and lines of credit utilising the Collateral Transfer Facility
  4. The above subject to due diligence

The mantra of IntaCapital Swiss is client service and satisfaction and to be able, especially in a downward spiralling credit market, to offer clients starved of credit, the ability to obtain Credit Guarantee Facilities, means IntaCapital Swiss have excelled in this department.

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